Sunday, 27 December 2015

Now we are getting ready for New Years!

Its been a busy few Days.
I picked up Alex at the Airport late Christmas Eve. His plane was 2 hours late!
Christmas Day was gloriously sunny!

What a glorious morning! Alex and I walked along the dyke in front of the apartments then came back and had Mimosas and Eggs Benedict.
Later we walked over to the cinema to watch Star Wars VII! Excellent movie. If you get the chance to see it in 3-D do it! Some of the scenes are breathtaking.
We relaxed, then had a great Christmas dinner 

of Borscht

(Homemade of course) and the main course of 

Peroghies, Cabbage Rolls and Keilbassa
 We also had some excellent Red Beer to go with it.
Desert was later (after we were not quite so full) and we had some of the excellent Black Forest Cake my sister had served at Christmas dinner at her house last Sunday.
Our day ended with a magnificent moonrise!
This photo does NOT do it justice. The Moon was a huge orange orb that appeared to take up a large portion of the sky. I wish I was a better photographer.
Boxing Day we started once again had Mimosas, but this time with bacon and eggs.

It was a typical West Coast winter day, overcast, drizzle and with a cold bite to the wind. Today we went to see the Hateful 8 (Quentin Tarantino's new film) on 70mm film at the Park Theatre in West Vancouver. What a great old venue and 70mm really makes a difference, especially on those huge old screens. Though it was violent and bloody, it was an excellent film.  
We came home and had Caesars while we waited for the Rare Roast beef to cook.

Tonight we had traditional British - rare raost beef, roast potatoes, green beans, horse radish and gravy made from the drippings, oh yes, a wonderful Cabernet/Shiraz.

We were so full, there was no room for cake, even after we played Nathan Drake video games for 2 hours before we went to bed.
Today it is raining, cold and Alex goes home, so we will have a quiet day.
Oh yes, we did a little art.

And the Photo Nellie in the champagne came from: 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

From us to you....

Have a wonderful and happy holiday!

 We send you all the happiness in the world!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Selfie Sunday

What a Friday!
Christmas is just around the corner and my company Christmas Party was last night. And I left work early to get ready for the party.
To get from Vancouver to south of the Fraser River, people have to drive through a tunnel that goes under the River on Hwy 99. Being a Friday, traffic was really backed up. I stopped at the grocery store on  the way home and ended up stuck in traffic to get across the Highway for over half an hour (to go the equivalent to 2 city blocks).

I grind my teeth when I am stressed.

I ground so hard, I broke a cap off - one of my front teeth!

Yep! And I DID go to the party, I did smile, but carefully and I get to have a wonderful gap tooth smile over the holidays! (I am not on the medical plan at work until January 5th!)
Now Nellie has been absolutely wonderful and to prove that she helps me with the blog, here she is!!!!

Have a wonderfully easy Sunday!
Nellie and Mom

Thursday, 17 December 2015

More Christmas Cards!!!

First From the Tabbies of Trout Towne!!

 a trout filled Christmas 
a mackerull New Year two
health & happee nezz
in de brand new yeer
frum all oh uz
~~~ two ewe

My Sweetie Pie - Flynn!!!

Lady Bird and Toby!!!

Marty the Manx!!!
And my other FAVORITE Man Cat - AUSTIN!!!
 Mes gotted some Snail Mail cards too! This is exciting!!
Me was sure with mes moving mes would not gets any. But mes thinks because mes sended out magnets, peoples knew that me had moved! THIS is so GREAT!!!
Mes LOVES yous ALL!
And mes going to try to comment on all my furrends blogs this weekend...if Mommy is not too busy with work. Taking Jo Jo, Kozmo and Cinnamon home last weekend cut into our blogging time.


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How is me feeling? Yous asked?

Mes was wisked off to the Stabby place this morning. There is Dr here in Richmond that hissy old Licorice went to when Mommy lived here before. They does just cats and it was a great place! Mes did not bite anybody (though mes did use my claws!)
Mes is the picture of health (though mes has losted 6 ounces since me was last at a vet). So mes can eats ALL me wants this Christmas!

See...even my eye is better!!
Oh yes...there was a parcel waiting when mes gotted home! Mommy got one of my pictures from the Calendar printed on canvas.

Oh, mes needs to moves my bum...
Mes LOVES that saying!!!
Anyways, mes is feeling fabulous! Mes has been going potty in my box and not in bed, mes has been talking up a storm to Mommy and following her around the apartment. AND mes been sleeping in bed with Mommy, not in my heated cubby. Me has even given the Cat Tree a good scratching!
And mes wants to shows yous my NEWEST toy!

My TRAIN!!!!
Mes loves playing with it as it goes around the tree!
Gumby is such a flirt!!!
And here is my Catmas TREE!!!!

Thanks to all of yous who sended mes get better wishes! 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Guess who winned the calendar!!!

Randomizer picked FLYNN!!!

And for the rest of yous who entered...don't feel sad...
yous is all winners too 
And yous too is getting a Calendar!!!
Wes made some magnet - postcard size ones that will be heading your way.
 Yes - More Nellie for your fridge!!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

We got Christmas eCards!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends! 
Here are the cards we have received (so far) 

And a Jack Lawson Animated card from Speedy!
Oh and from us to YOU!!!

Monday, 7 December 2015

A Christmas Gift For a Lucky Reader of the Cat From Hell!

Santa stopped at our house today and left us our annual calendars! And guess what...he bringged a EXTRA!!
Mommy says wes can send it off (as a present) to one of out readers!!! All yous gots to do is sends your snail maid address to:
sxanuxa at (replace the  at with @) and  tells us:
What month is NOT in the slideshow below!

Mes is promising to purrsonally autographs it for the winner! 
The contest is open until THURSDAY DECEMBER  10th (because we would likes the winner to gets it before Christmas).
So enter now and don't forgets, emails us with
1. the month that is missing in the slide show.
2. Your snail maid address.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Selfie Sunday With Kozmo

Ah...I think I figured it out...
 Set the camera on the floor, set the timer and wait...
Now I'm off through the tunnel to visit ... and bring kisses...

We are joining the Cat on My Head's Blog Hop!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Caturday Art - With A Dog....

Hi Guys!
First, we want you to know that the Jo Jo and Nellie wars seem to be under control. Keeping them apart all day seems to be working.
I am so happy, as Tuesday night (the night I put up the post) Nellie peed the bed TWICE!!!
Yep! I awoke at 12:30 am to a "warm" feeling. Nellie was peeing between the pillows!
I got out of bed, changed the sheets, put the load in the laundry and started the washer, it took an hour to get back to sleep.
Then at 4:00, THE SAME THING!!!
Only this time I did not wake up quite as fast. It soaked into the  mattress topper AND the pillows! Off came the bottom sheet and the mattress topper, the first load went into the drier, the next set of sheets and the pillows went into the washer and the mattress topper was set aside to go in in the morning.
I've only got 2 sets of sets so I spent the rest of the night under the comforter and on top of a towel - they (ribbed towels) leave really funny marks on your face!
Though I knew it was the stress of being attacked by Jo Jo, I was also worried about a UTI. Nellie is prone to them when she is stressed. I left them separated during the day, again and had a terrible sleep on Wednesday night, every time Nellie moved, I woke up...the doors were closed all day again Thursday, again, last night, every time Nellie moved, I woke up and NO accidents -- After being kept in separate rooms (except for Monday) I've come to the conclusion Nellie was telling me she was unhappy with Jo Jo. She is peeing just fine, nothing indicates a UTI (thank heavens.). Nellie will have her own space from now on.
Other than the Nellie and Jo Jo issues, the rest of the week has been great. Work has been extremely busy. I've brought home work and spent 2-4 hours each night working.

Now on to the Art. This week we just did some Photoshop-ing!
 Cinnamon is getting in the Holiday Spirit! She has been kissing EVERY BODY she meets!

 Nope, we've not had any snow in Vancouver...


Monday, 30 November 2015

Got any hints?

Barb here, I have a bit of a problem...

It has been 7 weeks since Jo Jo and Nellie shared the same living space. Last time I moved back to Midway, after Nellie being in Calgary, we did have some issues with Jo Jo.

This time its worse! 

This evening Jo Jo has been terrorizing Nellie. I thought this might be a problem and today I kept  Nellie in the bedroom (with one litter box )and food and left Cinnamon, Kozmo and Jo Jo in the Big Room while I was at work.

They have spearate litter boxes, separate food and will not have to share a space except when I am at home, but I don't want to have to keep the bedroom closed up while I am here.  Yes I did try the "making them smell the same".

Kozmo has been a jewel, trying to stay between the 2. Nellie is much more tentative than I've seen her in the past and I think age and arthritis are starting to slow her down. However this has NOT stopped her from Merrowwing!

This evening Jo Jo has been getting even more and more aggressive as the evening has gone along.

Anybody have any other ideas on speeding up the getting along process? Or shall I just keep them separated all the time.

Now for your Nellie Fix!!!

 Thanks for you help!


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Selfie Sunday with ?

Hi All!
It's me Jo Jo!

Kozmo and Cinnamon were supposed to come back to Midway this weekend, but last week, Daddy found out he was going back into the hospital. It's too cold for me to stay home now, so I came to visit Mommy.
It was not fun. Daddy bundled me up (it was really cold outside) Put me in the truck with some bags of winter clothes for Mommy and we drove and drove and drove. Then we got to Hope. We waited for Mommy and when she got there, Cinnamon was with her!
Daddy and Cinnamon cried and hugged each other, I got put in a PTU (Pet Transportation Unit) and stuck in the back of the car. There was the bags of winter clothes and Mommy's tires and Mommy would NOT let me out of the carrier! I was angry and attacked the evil mesh almost all the way to Mommy's house.
When Mommy FINALLY took me upstairs to her apartment and let me out, I was scared. I've never, ever been anyplace but our house in Midway! I went under the sofa and I stayed there until Mommy was going to bed. Then I came out and made myself at home.
It was good to see Kozmo and Cinnamon (even Nellie) and I slept on the bed with Mommy, Nellie, Kozmo and Cinnamon last night.
I thought I would take a selfie with the camera, but somebody distracted me with FEATHERS and took one for me with their camera!
Sending you guys all my Love (especially you Levon, I am sorry that I missed meeting your Mommy).
We are participating in The Coat On My Head's Selfie Sunday!

Jo Jo 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Artsy Caturday with Kozmo

Last weekend, Malou's (the Love of my life) Mommy (Critters in the Cottage) came to visit. Me being the wild and crazy guy I am, I hid UTB. Nellie, however was the perfect hostess! She even gave Sophie Nellie Kisses!

Sophie even brought us gifts! Some Kush Catnip, Special kittie treats, a ball with a bell and some plastic springs.
As soon as Sophie left, I came out to see...after I ate treats I wanted to play with the springs!!! I played for hours and carried them around in my mouth. I wouldn't let Nellie play with them.
I asked Mommy if she could use a picture of me (with the springs) for my sweetheart!!!
 Malou, can you see the love in my eyes for you?
We are going to participate in Athena's Caturday Art. 
Mommy has to go to be early and leave early in the morning so we may not get linked up until lat tomorrow!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Sunday Selfie - with NINJA!?!

Mes was texting with Ninja. He still lives in Calgary with my human brother. Mes was telling him all about Vancouver and the view from our apartment.
He told me all about the view from his apartment. He says he misses me, but he gotted a new furrend to plays with.
Mes asked him. "Who!?"
This is the picture he sended mes of him and his furrend!!!
 Mes laughed and laughed and 
And he did too!!!!
Mes does miss that brat sometimes.....

Kisses Nellie
Wes pawticipating in the Cat on my Head, Selfie Sunday!
Wes will puts the Linky up tomorrow when wes gets up,