Thursday, 1 October 2015

Excitement Abounds!

Yesterday, after 5 interviews and email salary negotiations (a first for me, it was really strange), I was offered the Instructional Designer position at Syscon Justice Systems. I was ecstatic! Not only is this job right up my alley, the people there are so enthusiastic. Working in a place where people enjoy going to work will be wonderful. I start next Monday (October 5th).

The Syscon building is right on River Road

And overlooks the Fraser River (looking towards Sea Island where the airport is).
Now that I had a letter that stated what my income was, I could get an apartment. I have been looking for the last week. There not a lot of vacancies in Richmond (where I am working) and it has been almost impossible to find a place that takes pets even visiting pets, I wanted a place that would let Koz,  Jo Jo, Nellie and Cinnamon come for a visit.
Almost all the places that allow pets have restrictions on the SIZE! Everywhere wanted dogs under 20 pounds. 
I have been making inquiry after inquiry and finally found one that would. It is quite a bit pricer than those that don't but it is a really nice place. It is on the other side of the Island the city of Richmond is on (Lulu Island) and is right beside the Fraser River too!
Here is the view from the deck of my new apartment.
And what a great layout!
I can't move in until the middle of October though. The lady in my suite can't move into the new place she purchased, as the tenants in her new place have not yet moved out. My new place was stacked to the ceiling with her moving boxes! (and I got to meet her 2 cats, they were total sweeties).
Here are some shots of a similar unit across the hall.
The Bedroom
The living room from the kitchen
Looking toward the kitchen from the living room
The kitchen (in my apartment)

And the view of the building from the front 
(my apartment is on the back side of the building)
Finally, a view from the left side looking up towards my apartment
I guess you could call it a penthouse suite!

I am really excited!  This is the first time I have ever chosen a place to live by myself. 
I wish I could move in sooner. 
Now some shots of my walk on Boundary Beach this morning.
First is a shot of the Crow who "talked" to me the whole time I was there. He greeted me at my car and then flew just to the left of me the whole walk.

This is a shot of the thousands of geese and ducks on the water in Boundary Bay. They are a little hard to see through the fog, but boy were they ever noisy.

Háws dáng hl kíngsaang
(I will see you soon)




  1. Great news! The apartment looks wonderful! So, will you be able to take the furkids with you?

    The Florida Furkids

  2. I am hoping they can come and visit. My husband and I are separated.

  3. This makes us so happy! Congratulations on your new job and apartment, dear friend. So exciting!

    And we are hoping, purring and praying that Nellie, Kozmo, Jo-Jo and Cinnamon will be able to visit you. Now THAT would be most awesome.


  4. Absolutely thrilled for you Barb..onwards and upwards with style! and to be able to have the 'kids' visit will be super..sending our bestest vibes your way for a fab new time with your job your apartment and paws crossed snuggles from fur babes :) Lives Bev xx

  5. This is great news Barb,so excited for you,hugs and snuggles,xx Rachel and Speedy

  6. That s wonderful! What a lovely place. All the best for the new job and the new flat, and we look forward to the day when the "kids" will be able to come and visit.

  7. Congratulations! I am so happy to hear you got such a great job and apartment.

  8. Concats on the new job and crib. Best of luck in your new life.

  9. This is fabulous Barb. Great choice and we are so happy for you. I do hope that the kitties will be able to visit.

  10. Great news and congrats on your new job and apartment. It will be great when we get to see some pictures of your visiting furkids:))

    Best wishes in your new endeavors.

    Is this town really next door to Vancouver? Meowmy has a furend living in Richmond, and of course her brother and his furmily live in North Vancouver.

  11. It's so exciting, Barb!! ConCats on the job, the super apartment and it will be wonderful if you could have the furrkids come and stay!! xoxox

  12. Congratulations on your new job and apartment! I am happy for you that things are going better for you now, and hope you will be very happy in your new life.

  13. Oh how GREAT!!!!! Concats on the job AND the apartment - now you'll be able to at least (hopefully) see the "kids" from time to time there. Very excited for you Barb. Love the apartment and hope the job is as wonderful as it sounds..............YAY!

    Love, Pam

  14. Barb,we are thrilled to know you are well and that you have already (miraculously!) found a job and home. Congratulations on both counts.Well done and amazing! We hope your first few days at work have been wonderful . We know beautiful Boundary Bay and we are glad that you can experience it. Let us know your email address! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo and their Mama Sophie too!

  15. I couldn't be happier for anyone Barb. Thrilled you are taking charge of your life and moving on. And so pleased the fur kids can come to visit!


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