Saturday, 3 October 2015

Nellie Loves Yous! Magnet Give Away

I have a give away of 20 Nellie Loves Yous! fridge magnets to the first 20 respondents on the post on my Facebook page! Enter Now!
Click the bade to go to my facebook page


  1. Since we do not 'do' FB, we cannot make a comment, there is not anyspce there to do that...must be because we are not there:)

    But we would love a magnet, and right now we are commenter number 14 or 15...
    So meowmy says she is bummed thatwe couldn't enter the proper way:(

    Its looking like a pawsome magnet!
    And our fridge is a magnet collector, MOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. that's a super cool badge... and I love Nellie the Queen of Catnada :o)

  3. Oh no! I am sure to be too late but I will go and see.

  4. We commented on Facebook, sweet pals! Big hugs to you, and the whole gang. We hope everyone is doing okay.

  5. Drat, I just saw this, I hope I am not too late. I love Nellie.

    1. I am so sorry! If I had know...I might have had more printed....perhaps later...after I get a pay check!
      Cuddles and Skritches!


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