Monday, 30 November 2015

Got any hints?

Barb here, I have a bit of a problem...

It has been 7 weeks since Jo Jo and Nellie shared the same living space. Last time I moved back to Midway, after Nellie being in Calgary, we did have some issues with Jo Jo.

This time its worse! 

This evening Jo Jo has been terrorizing Nellie. I thought this might be a problem and today I kept  Nellie in the bedroom (with one litter box )and food and left Cinnamon, Kozmo and Jo Jo in the Big Room while I was at work.

They have spearate litter boxes, separate food and will not have to share a space except when I am at home, but I don't want to have to keep the bedroom closed up while I am here.  Yes I did try the "making them smell the same".

Kozmo has been a jewel, trying to stay between the 2. Nellie is much more tentative than I've seen her in the past and I think age and arthritis are starting to slow her down. However this has NOT stopped her from Merrowwing!

This evening Jo Jo has been getting even more and more aggressive as the evening has gone along.

Anybody have any other ideas on speeding up the getting along process? Or shall I just keep them separated all the time.

Now for your Nellie Fix!!!

 Thanks for you help!


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Selfie Sunday with ?

Hi All!
It's me Jo Jo!

Kozmo and Cinnamon were supposed to come back to Midway this weekend, but last week, Daddy found out he was going back into the hospital. It's too cold for me to stay home now, so I came to visit Mommy.
It was not fun. Daddy bundled me up (it was really cold outside) Put me in the truck with some bags of winter clothes for Mommy and we drove and drove and drove. Then we got to Hope. We waited for Mommy and when she got there, Cinnamon was with her!
Daddy and Cinnamon cried and hugged each other, I got put in a PTU (Pet Transportation Unit) and stuck in the back of the car. There was the bags of winter clothes and Mommy's tires and Mommy would NOT let me out of the carrier! I was angry and attacked the evil mesh almost all the way to Mommy's house.
When Mommy FINALLY took me upstairs to her apartment and let me out, I was scared. I've never, ever been anyplace but our house in Midway! I went under the sofa and I stayed there until Mommy was going to bed. Then I came out and made myself at home.
It was good to see Kozmo and Cinnamon (even Nellie) and I slept on the bed with Mommy, Nellie, Kozmo and Cinnamon last night.
I thought I would take a selfie with the camera, but somebody distracted me with FEATHERS and took one for me with their camera!
Sending you guys all my Love (especially you Levon, I am sorry that I missed meeting your Mommy).
We are participating in The Coat On My Head's Selfie Sunday!

Jo Jo 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Artsy Caturday with Kozmo

Last weekend, Malou's (the Love of my life) Mommy (Critters in the Cottage) came to visit. Me being the wild and crazy guy I am, I hid UTB. Nellie, however was the perfect hostess! She even gave Sophie Nellie Kisses!

Sophie even brought us gifts! Some Kush Catnip, Special kittie treats, a ball with a bell and some plastic springs.
As soon as Sophie left, I came out to see...after I ate treats I wanted to play with the springs!!! I played for hours and carried them around in my mouth. I wouldn't let Nellie play with them.
I asked Mommy if she could use a picture of me (with the springs) for my sweetheart!!!
 Malou, can you see the love in my eyes for you?
We are going to participate in Athena's Caturday Art. 
Mommy has to go to be early and leave early in the morning so we may not get linked up until lat tomorrow!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Sunday Selfie - with NINJA!?!

Mes was texting with Ninja. He still lives in Calgary with my human brother. Mes was telling him all about Vancouver and the view from our apartment.
He told me all about the view from his apartment. He says he misses me, but he gotted a new furrend to plays with.
Mes asked him. "Who!?"
This is the picture he sended mes of him and his furrend!!!
 Mes laughed and laughed and 
And he did too!!!!
Mes does miss that brat sometimes.....

Kisses Nellie
Wes pawticipating in the Cat on my Head, Selfie Sunday!
Wes will puts the Linky up tomorrow when wes gets up,

Friday, 20 November 2015

A MOVIE and Cinnamon!!

They is filming a movie behind our apartment. It is the 3rd Movie in the new Planet of the Apes. The rebooted billion-dollar-plus Planet of the Apes franchise — starring motion-captured Andy Serkis as Caesar– started filming its third installment War for the Planet of the Apes this week in Vancouver, with Woody Harrelson as the Colonel and Steve Zahn as a new ape. Production code: Hidden Fortress.
They have been building weird structures in the big empty lot for weeks!
This is what it looked like (where they are filming) on Wednsday when they put up the notice in our building.

 Then today, at lunch time, when Mommy came home and tooked Cinnamon for a walk, it looked like this.

 Where did all those trailers come from and how did they all get parked so fast?
Here it is after work when Mommy walked Cinnamon (they had not started filming yet, they are only filing night shots right now).
 And here it is tonight from our apartment...when Mommy went out to take pictures she could hear the actors....

 They are scheduled to film until after midnight!!!
Now, here is what yous been waiting for - Caturday Art with CINNAMON!!!
Mes figured as she is the one who has told mes all about the movie, mes would lets her be the STAR!!!!
Gosh she LOVES that ball! Good thing its Rubber and can takes all her chewing!!!



Friday, 13 November 2015

We are Sad

It's been weeks since we did an artsy Caturday. 
Mommy has been so busy. Apparently, wes is LOTS of work.
But she is going to has to sucks it up as it will be a while before wes goes anywhere.
Today was a very sad day in France. 
We want to honor those who were affected by this tragedy. 
Too bad people can't get along.

We are joining Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop!



Monday, 9 November 2015

Spirit Dolls

I made my first spirit doll 9 years ago. I find stitching by hand fulfilling. there is something contemplative in the needle going though the cloth and the beads. And what I make seems to have a power of its own. While stitching a tarot card bag, I began to think of dolls and how they had a life of their own and I started researching spirit dolls and how they have helped people for thousands and thousands of years and in every culture. 

Dolls take shape from their creator's imaginations - fashioned from what they have at hand and they begin to take on a soul of their own. The Venus of Wilendorf, Venus of Dolni-Vestonicei and Venus of Les pugue are Neolithic spirit dolls and they still exude their power.

Over the centuries, dolls have brought comfort and joy, magick and laughter…and, yes, in some cases dolls straddled the line from delightful to creepy to downright scary. 

I began to research dolls. First I created some paper dolls to populate shadowbox pictures, but creating a wholly embroidered doll began to fascinate me and over the next year I created 6, culminating in an 18" Japanese Goddess. She was in a display box and traded to my friend Trea. Trea is a wonderful artist and she too was creating a series of Goddesses (hers are watercolour on paper.
Trea's portrait of me
We then decided at the next art show, we would each do a portrait piece for the other. Above is my portrait from Trea. Alas, my photos of the dolls I have made are on a computer back in Midway or I would post them for you.

When I started blogging, I blogged instead of embroidering and the dolls stopped, but I was so grateful for what my sister did for me last month, I had to create something special just for her. 

There are many layers of meaning I could go into, but they are all very personal to our growing up. The doll also carries our Mother and our middle sister as well. She also has a prayer for protection embroidered in the spiral on her back.

She is meant to be touched. Many people keep their spirit dolls beside their computer or in their bedroom, close to where they sleep. I am painting a special shadowbox for her and will post a picture of it on Facebook, or here when it is done. 
Thanks so much for all your kind words about this special piece. Your praise means a lot.

Happiness and Joy
Come into my Life
Away with anger,
Stress and Strife
I am happy, I am free
No more negativity.


Saturday, 7 November 2015

Selfie Sunday with Jo Jo

Mes has had a furry busy week. Watching sea gulls out the window while lying in my heated cubby is furry exausting!
Mes also stopped at Austin's. It was his 8th gottcha day this week
 Mes thought he needed a Nellie Kiss in person.

Mommy has been furry busy too. She gets out of bed before 6, she gets dressed, takes Cinnamon for a walk, comes home and makes my breakfast. Then she goes to work. 
At lunch time she comes home and takes Cinnamon for another walk and then goes back to work.
At 5 she gets home and takes Cinnamon for ANOTHER walk. Then she gets busy!
She makes Kozmo and my suppers, Cinnamon's supper, cleans my litter boxes, cleans up the litter mes throws all over the place, cleans up the furs we so carefully spreads throughout the apartment while she is at work. She does laundry and dishes, washes floors, answers emails, eats her supper, then she takes Cinnamon for another walk and then is in bed to gets some sleep before the next day.
Now mes been bugging her because me thinks she should bes BLOGGING for MES(not just reading my furrends posts in bed on her tablet and commenting on the weekends) but Mommy says she is just too tired. Wes keeps her too busy!

Its Cinnamon who keeps her too BUSY! 
Mes is protesting!

 Mes NOT coming out of the bag until Mommy writes a post for ME!!!!
Kozmo says mes should writes my own posts--like he does....
Mes is going to let him does his own thing....

Now it is Selfie Sunday and wes likes to Pawticipate in the Cat on my Head's Selfie Sunday. 
Last week it was Kozmo telling Malou, at the Critters in the Cottage, that he loves her. This week it is Jo Jo telling Levon at the Critters in the Cottage that she loves him!!!
Yes Jo Jo is exceptionally happy that Daddy is Home!
She ha a one cat house trashing pawty and really did a number on the livingroom. She turned over a bookcase, dragged potatoes out of the cupboard, chewed up even more shoes, threw litter EVERYWHERE and generally expressed her displeasure at being all alone!
She did need Daddy's help to take the picture, but she did tell Daddy when to push the button!
Whew! Mes exhausted!!!
Now goes and visits ALL these other Selfie Sunday pawticipants!

Sunday, 1 November 2015