Monday, 30 November 2015

Got any hints?

Barb here, I have a bit of a problem...

It has been 7 weeks since Jo Jo and Nellie shared the same living space. Last time I moved back to Midway, after Nellie being in Calgary, we did have some issues with Jo Jo.

This time its worse! 

This evening Jo Jo has been terrorizing Nellie. I thought this might be a problem and today I kept  Nellie in the bedroom (with one litter box )and food and left Cinnamon, Kozmo and Jo Jo in the Big Room while I was at work.

They have spearate litter boxes, separate food and will not have to share a space except when I am at home, but I don't want to have to keep the bedroom closed up while I am here.  Yes I did try the "making them smell the same".

Kozmo has been a jewel, trying to stay between the 2. Nellie is much more tentative than I've seen her in the past and I think age and arthritis are starting to slow her down. However this has NOT stopped her from Merrowwing!

This evening Jo Jo has been getting even more and more aggressive as the evening has gone along.

Anybody have any other ideas on speeding up the getting along process? Or shall I just keep them separated all the time.

Now for your Nellie Fix!!!

 Thanks for you help!



  1. Oh Barb. Precious Nellie is feeling her age and complete lack of intolerance. And likely Jo Jo is trying to establish her place as dominant female cat. We have been going through some parts of this with introducing Sage to Savannah. Savannah will tolerate Sage for a while and then out of nowhere, she will leap off the bed or couch and smacky paw Sage into running. OR Sage will intimidate Savannah and make her run and then chase her and the fur flies.

    We have everything you already know to do from Feliway in every room; we once tried prozac with Savvy and it made her worse and non functional. We can leave them alone and during the day and at least we seldom find any fur lying about indicating a 'cat fight'. But it is clear that Savvy will never be comfortable with another cat; she likely as with Nellie, had to fight to defend herself to survive. For Nellie, likely to defend herself from other female cats and/or male cats?? who knows. We were advised to place Sage in a wire cage in the living room to allow Savvy to sniff, smell, etc when Sage was unable to attack her. But we simply could not do that to Sage as she is so gentle and soft. I hope that Jojo and Kozmo can return back to Midway soon so that they can all live their lives in peace. hugs, Linda and Savvy

  2. Sounds as though it might be better to keep them apart both in your absence and in your presence Barb since it is a temporary situation for JoJo. JoJo's presence in a smaller space is probably stressful for Nellie who is older and more fragile now. I'm sure JoJo is being more aggressive than usual because it is new "territory" for her and she feels she might establish herself as the new "Queen" by dethroning Nellie (as it were). Cat politics! Probably best to keep them apart . . . less stressful for everyone involved! Maybe give them separate but equal time out in the living area and in the bedroom when you are there and then separate them from each other in their designated rooms when you are not there.It's a lot to juggle in a smaller space but hopefully you will all get through it in one piece :)

    the critters in the cottage and their Mama too XO

  3. Oh, dear. Sweet Nellie what you don't have to put up with.

    We truly don;t have anything new to help you our, but of course we will purr hard that you will be fine and peace will reign. Afterall, its Christmas time...peace on earth, you know...

    We think the separation route would be the best at this point with snoopervised freedom.

    (( hugs! ))

  4. A calming collar for JoJo, maybe? I used an animal communicator to try and solve Bibi's problem and so far, the results seem positive. Maybe worth a try?

  5. We're so sad that the adjustment is so difficult for Nellie and Jo Jo. :(

    Mom Barb, would baby gates stacked one on another work while you are home? That way, everyone could see and smell each other at the same time, without the solid barrier door. Sending hugs and purrs to you all.

  6. Nellie is so beautiful. My only though it medication for Jo Jo, I wonder if she had an anti anxiety medicine if she would be less aggressive. Sorry I have no other thoughts, I wish I did because I worry about poor Nellie.

  7. I hope there is a kitty-expert with a good idea.... hugs to my Nellie-bellie ....

  8. Oh my poor Nellie Bellie!! I think you have good advice Barb and I have no suggestions except to keep them apart! Sending megapurrs to you all xx

  9. Nellie is looking lovely. I'm afraid I have no suggestions but hope things calm down for all your sakes.

  10. Oh Nellie, what you are going through! I’m sure Mom Barb knows about Feliway and that some have had success using it. Jackson Galaxy also has a line of essences that have worked for some. We had to keep Autumn and Nicky separated after we inherited Autumn. All Nicky wanted to do was smell her but Autumn wasn’t having any of it so that’s how they lived.

  11. I think the double stacked baby-gates in an open door-way is a great idea but maybe also put up a sheet to make a curtain of sorts so they can casually see each other or not. Sometimes you have to an extra mile or ten for those you love!!! Kisses to Nellie. She is so beautiful!!!!

  12. I have never had multiple cats so I am no help, but I also like the stacked baby gate idea (unless it would stress Nellie out too much to even SEE Jo Jo).........I feel super bad for Nellie.......if the baby gate thing isn't something you would do, I would separate them for Nellie's sake. Just for the record, I think Feliway is a total hoax.......they have it at our Vet and it has no affect whatsoever from what I can see
    Hoping the issue is resolved soon and all of you can have some peace! xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  13. You may need to reintroduce them to one another as if they had not met before. Try keeping their interactions together positive by giving them treats or playing with them together. Feliway can help. The thing about feliway is that you have to have a lot of it for it to be really effective. That means like having one of the plugins in almost every room. And every cat is different as to how it effects them. You could try Rescue Remedy too. Good luck...I hope things work out. I know what it's like to have cats that don't get along. I keep Zoey separated from Wally because they don't get along.

  14. We have Percy and Micah doing battle here,so we feel for you. Hope JoJo settles down.

  15. Well Jo-Jo has "ruled the roost" back home when she was on her own and now she's sharing space again she probably feels the need to ASSERT herself! Sadly, Nellie isn't as equipped to handle that because of her age and health......keeping them separated for a while longer with the bedroom being off limits when you're not home so Nellie can have some peace is probably the best solution. In time I think Jo-Jo will settle down......let's hope so!

    Love, Pam
    p.s. Sammy sends a big hug to Nellie

  16. Barb;

    sorry that I can't offer any help except to say if Jo Jo will be going back to Midway; puurhaps keeping her and Nellie apart until that happens is the best plan...I know Jo Jo is mega stressed being away from her usual "stomping grounds" so that's not helping her catitood...if Jo Jo will remain and she takes out after Nellie; a small spritz from a water bottle might deter her....I feel for you ....and both cats; tuna and sauce NEVER got along and it's emotionally trying I the grace of cod, they both will just settle down and learn to accept each other....paws crossed ♥♥♥♥

  17. Oh Mom Barb, I wish to heaven I had something to say other than how sorry I am that this is going on. And I am feeling very badly for Nellie. She is an older lady now and needs her peace. Jo Jo is beautiful young girlcat and I think nothing much will help except she go back. I am so sorry. That was the last thing I expected when they first came to stay with you. Kisses and scritchies to "my" Nellie and to Jo Jo and Kozmo too. And hugs to you.

  18. The feliway does help here, and the baby gates all the way up helped when we had Alyce. It is so stressful to deal with, especially with Nellie being more fragile now that she is older. Keeping paws and fingers crossed that things will calm down.


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