Saturday, 7 November 2015

Selfie Sunday with Jo Jo

Mes has had a furry busy week. Watching sea gulls out the window while lying in my heated cubby is furry exausting!
Mes also stopped at Austin's. It was his 8th gottcha day this week
 Mes thought he needed a Nellie Kiss in person.

Mommy has been furry busy too. She gets out of bed before 6, she gets dressed, takes Cinnamon for a walk, comes home and makes my breakfast. Then she goes to work. 
At lunch time she comes home and takes Cinnamon for another walk and then goes back to work.
At 5 she gets home and takes Cinnamon for ANOTHER walk. Then she gets busy!
She makes Kozmo and my suppers, Cinnamon's supper, cleans my litter boxes, cleans up the litter mes throws all over the place, cleans up the furs we so carefully spreads throughout the apartment while she is at work. She does laundry and dishes, washes floors, answers emails, eats her supper, then she takes Cinnamon for another walk and then is in bed to gets some sleep before the next day.
Now mes been bugging her because me thinks she should bes BLOGGING for MES(not just reading my furrends posts in bed on her tablet and commenting on the weekends) but Mommy says she is just too tired. Wes keeps her too busy!

Its Cinnamon who keeps her too BUSY! 
Mes is protesting!

 Mes NOT coming out of the bag until Mommy writes a post for ME!!!!
Kozmo says mes should writes my own posts--like he does....
Mes is going to let him does his own thing....

Now it is Selfie Sunday and wes likes to Pawticipate in the Cat on my Head's Selfie Sunday. 
Last week it was Kozmo telling Malou, at the Critters in the Cottage, that he loves her. This week it is Jo Jo telling Levon at the Critters in the Cottage that she loves him!!!
Yes Jo Jo is exceptionally happy that Daddy is Home!
She ha a one cat house trashing pawty and really did a number on the livingroom. She turned over a bookcase, dragged potatoes out of the cupboard, chewed up even more shoes, threw litter EVERYWHERE and generally expressed her displeasure at being all alone!
She did need Daddy's help to take the picture, but she did tell Daddy when to push the button!
Whew! Mes exhausted!!!
Now goes and visits ALL these other Selfie Sunday pawticipants!


  1. You have a pretty pawsome view in your Mom’s apartment too Nellie. Glad your Dad is home from the hospital. Yep, Cinnamon is keeping your Mom very busy. xoxo

  2. I am glad she didn't get hurt knocking over the bookcase. I agree Nellie that your Mom spends too much time on these walks- she needs a dog walker so she will have more time to blog for you. You are the blog star :) It is nice to see you in the bag :) XOXOXOX

  3. Wow! Mommy IS really busy, Nellie. Cinnie just needs her help more, because that's how it is with hairy, slobbery siblings, right? :)

    It's super nice to hear from you, sweet girl. Thank you for the update (and we hope you come of of that bag soon).

    P.S. - yay for Daddy being home from the hospital!

    HUGS (especially from Moosey)

  4. We say save your treat monies and buy Cinnamon a GIANT HAMSTER WHEEL. Problem solved!

  5. Sounds like your Mom has been super busy! But of course, watching sea gulls can be SO exhausting, too!

  6. Thanks for all the news, Nellie. We LOVE hearing from all of you. We agree that woofies are pretty high maintenance but here, Tommy only goes for two long walks a day. The rest of the time, he just goes out with #1 when she goes to get the mail or feed The Traveller. It's also easier because #1 works from home.

    It was nice to see a pic of JoJo!

    The Chans

  7. I wish my momma could type like Kozmo.... wow that would be great... but as long as she types with snail-speed I think I will hide in a bag too.... is there any room for me in yours?

  8. Aww! Nellie Bellie it was super great to see you this week and have some smoochies!! Thank you for coming xxxxx I agree that Cinnamon is the time waster here. Perhaps she could ... ya know .... walk herself as mommy needs obviously more time to help you blog and visit ALL your many friends!! I think you look very cute in the bag!!! ;) xoxoxoxo

  9. I think Cinnamon needs a giant litter box so your mommy has more time to help you blog. That is a sweet picture of you in the bag, and JoJo's selfie. Kozmo is very busy blogging. Maybe he will help you.

  10. Kozmo sure is a fast typist!! We love the photo of you in the bag and those fev-vers are pretty amazing!!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. The bags are a really neat thing yes.

  12. Things are definitely hopping at your house...great news about your daddy!!!

  13. Wow, those seagulls are amazing! And just reading all the stuff your mom does made us exhausted. We're off to take a nap.

  14. Great post , Nellie! We're glad your mom had enough energy left to let you write a post. Mom says she sympathizes with your mom - work - animals - housework - sleep - animals - work - and so on ad infinitum. But that's what they signed up for when they chose to serve as our subjects. Love you!, LadyBird

  15. WOW! So much to tell us today Nellie! I'm happy to see you even if you're pouting inside the paper bag......seems to me that you all manage to keep your Mommy hopping with taking care of you and the apartment and doing her job......I was happy to hear your Dad is back home and doing OK and JoJo is keeping him BUSY around the house too. Stay warm dear girl!

    Love, Sammy

  16. Miss Nellie please give your hard working Mama a big cuddle from us! Jo-Jo looks lovely! We are all impressed at how she expressed her protest back home MOL! Hope Daddy didn't have too much trouble cleaning everything up!
    Marty and the Gang

  17. Jo-Jo I think you're going to be the next cat from hell hehehe.
    Nellie you look just adorable as always my lovely,xx Speedy

  18. Aaaaaaw Luv da selfie, JoJo be lookin' gawjus. Nellie looks bootyful too.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  19. Looks like there is love in the air. All your loving selfies are adorable :) Pawkisses :) <3

  20. Awww, too bad you're missing attention, maybe you could go with your Mommy in a sling or carrier when she takes out Cinnamon.


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