Friday, 4 December 2015

Caturday Art - With A Dog....

Hi Guys!
First, we want you to know that the Jo Jo and Nellie wars seem to be under control. Keeping them apart all day seems to be working.
I am so happy, as Tuesday night (the night I put up the post) Nellie peed the bed TWICE!!!
Yep! I awoke at 12:30 am to a "warm" feeling. Nellie was peeing between the pillows!
I got out of bed, changed the sheets, put the load in the laundry and started the washer, it took an hour to get back to sleep.
Then at 4:00, THE SAME THING!!!
Only this time I did not wake up quite as fast. It soaked into the  mattress topper AND the pillows! Off came the bottom sheet and the mattress topper, the first load went into the drier, the next set of sheets and the pillows went into the washer and the mattress topper was set aside to go in in the morning.
I've only got 2 sets of sets so I spent the rest of the night under the comforter and on top of a towel - they (ribbed towels) leave really funny marks on your face!
Though I knew it was the stress of being attacked by Jo Jo, I was also worried about a UTI. Nellie is prone to them when she is stressed. I left them separated during the day, again and had a terrible sleep on Wednesday night, every time Nellie moved, I woke up...the doors were closed all day again Thursday, again, last night, every time Nellie moved, I woke up and NO accidents -- After being kept in separate rooms (except for Monday) I've come to the conclusion Nellie was telling me she was unhappy with Jo Jo. She is peeing just fine, nothing indicates a UTI (thank heavens.). Nellie will have her own space from now on.
Other than the Nellie and Jo Jo issues, the rest of the week has been great. Work has been extremely busy. I've brought home work and spent 2-4 hours each night working.

Now on to the Art. This week we just did some Photoshop-ing!
 Cinnamon is getting in the Holiday Spirit! She has been kissing EVERY BODY she meets!

 Nope, we've not had any snow in Vancouver...



  1. Cinammon looks so festive and adorable. Our Mommy would love to have some of those free kisses!
    Purrs for continued tranquility at your home.

  2. Kisses!! MJF might exchange with you,Cinnamon!! He has slobbery ones, too!

  3. The Staff says she would not be quite so happy if I peed on the bed, but she gets your drift! MOL Let's hope for continued peace and tranquility! Cinnamon is a love bucket!! xxx

  4. Tommy is ready to line up for the free kisses!

    Poor Nellie. We feel for her and hope all will be calm (and dry!) from now on.

    Woofs and Purrs,
    Tommy and The Chans

  5. that's really an artpiece and to get such sweet things like a kiss for free is art too :o) I hope so much that there is a solution and an idea how to solve the nellie vs. jojo problem... hugs to you all, I can offer nellie my guest bed for a while, just in case :o)

  6. I hope everything continues to improve with Nellie and JoJo. I will join the queue for a kiss from Cinnamon.

  7. Yay for giving Nellie her own space, she deserves it, after all, she IS the Queen!!!!!
    Kisses to Cinnamon!!

  8. We are so glad Jo-Jo and Nellie have come to a truce. Not only for them but for you! Cinnamon is adorable and we want kisses, too!!!! Love LadyBird and Toby

  9. What a pawsome pic of Cinnamon! And we're glad to hear JoJo and Nellie are doing better. :)

  10. Oh Mouses! Feline combatants are so stressful. The Kid Sage never means to be 'mean' but I am always so afraid of her...and so I have kitty cat acid reflux...pawful...

  11. Whoa! that art looks 3-D. Love it. Glad Nellie is OK and that the new arrangement is working for everyone.

  12. Cinnamon is adorable, I will take a kiss. I am glad Nellie is OK. Lucy used to do that too when Spooky had been on the bed. One night I woke up and though I had wet the bed :) I never got mad though because I knew how much I was going to miss her. I wish I lived near you so I could give you some extra sheets. I ended up putting a plastic liner under the fabric mattress cover.

  13. Love the art! Hope things improve with Nellie and Jo Jo.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. Sorry to hear that Nellie and Jo-Jo still can´t stand each other :(
    Cinnamon looks really cute and Conrad say´s he loves to have a kiss :)


  15. Good news that a little separation is helping Nellie and Jo-Jo be okay. We will continue sending purrs and prayers!

    Free kisses, Cinnamon? We bet the line will be around the block! :)

  16. Glad the situation is being resolved by separation. Nothing like being awakened to a wet bed. Peaceful sleeping in the future.

  17. Cinnamon is adorable! We will get in line for our kisses! Glad Nellie is not ill, but sorry you had to go through that! I pray the boys never get to that point after having the bladder issues with sweet Alyce.
    Marty's Mom


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