Saturday, 19 December 2015

Selfie Sunday

What a Friday!
Christmas is just around the corner and my company Christmas Party was last night. And I left work early to get ready for the party.
To get from Vancouver to south of the Fraser River, people have to drive through a tunnel that goes under the River on Hwy 99. Being a Friday, traffic was really backed up. I stopped at the grocery store on  the way home and ended up stuck in traffic to get across the Highway for over half an hour (to go the equivalent to 2 city blocks).

I grind my teeth when I am stressed.

I ground so hard, I broke a cap off - one of my front teeth!

Yep! And I DID go to the party, I did smile, but carefully and I get to have a wonderful gap tooth smile over the holidays! (I am not on the medical plan at work until January 5th!)
Now Nellie has been absolutely wonderful and to prove that she helps me with the blog, here she is!!!!

Have a wonderfully easy Sunday!
Nellie and Mom


  1. Oh no! Hope that gap doesn’t get infected. I love seeing Nellie and loved her calendar magnet. Thanks you so much. xoxo

  2. EEEKKK....bummer on the tooth. We love seeing sweet Nellie!
    The Florida Furkids

  3. Yikes! You musta been really stressed to do that!

    Hi Nellie!!

  4. Darn! We're sorry that happened, Mom Barb. You seem to be handling it with aplomb, though.

    Always great to see sweet Nellie.


  5. Holy CATS!!!!! You're gorgeous anyway...both of you ladies!

  6. Mom says she hopes you're able to get that tooth fixed pretty quickly after the beginning of the year. Glad you didn't let it keep you from doing anything. And I love seeing Nellie!!

  7. Oh, dear...
    Hope it doesn't hurt.
    Meowmy did that once when she took a bite of a burger, oopsie!

    Nellie, you are such a demure kitty-lady!

  8. Oh these things always happen when you really don't need them too.Nellie is looking gorgeous as always,xx Rachel and Speedy

  9. Woops!

    Nellie, #1 says she would love to kiss you on the nose, if you would allow it, of course!

    The Chans

  10. I bet Nellie is a fabulous helper, much better than all that elves of Santa :o) Potp for the tooth :o)

  11. Oh poor you!!!! Mum says you'd better take care of that!!! Keep smiling!! Nellie Bellie you are looking particularly stunning and gorgeous and smoochieable!!! Mwaaah ❤x️❤️❤x️❤️❤️

  12. Oh no! Things like that always happen at the worst time! You are looking gorgeous Nellie, in fact you are double smoochieable. So there Austin!!!

  13. Sorry about your tooth. I am a grinder too, I do it in my sleep and broke a back tooth doing that. Nellie, you are looking beautiful as you always do. XO

  14. Oh dear on the tooth! My Mom grinds her teeth too.....usually in her sleep. She hasn't broken a tooth (yet!) Nellie you are such a HELPFUL girl making sure the blog is finished and correct....your Mom appreciates your help I'm SURE!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  15. Nellie, as always, you look great - your mom does too - even if she is missing a tooth!!!

  16. OMC, I had a crown (same location) removed and have a temp :-( Sending lots of love and light to all. Special nose nuzzlies to Nellie from Merlin.

  17. Oh my dear, I hope you can get that replaced in early January and Nellie, you just make me smile. Love you.

  18. eeep.. sorry about the tooth, and since I am so belatedly commenting I can hope it is fixed soon :)


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