Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Present from 15 and Mewowing!

When Mommy gotted home from her trip, there was a big letter in the box!
It was from Ms Ellen and the 14 cats at 15 and Meowing!!!
Mommy put it on the bed and Mes examined it.

Ummm, Mes smells Cat Nip!!!

Look at all these goodies Mommy! A note, eyeglass case, some cat toys, a catnip paper and a air freshener.

The Note says:
A little tooth fairy gift for you Barb. Its an eyeglasses case. Also a couple of toys for beautiful Nellie. Happy and healthy 2016!
Ellen + 14 Kitties

Mes had a play with my new toys.
Then Mommy had to take a picture of her new air freshener...Boy was she ever giggling!!!

She can't wait to put it in her car!

Ms Ellen makes the bestest toys!!!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Caturday Art - On a Suitcase

I had to buy a suitcasefor my business trip next week, I bought a carry on I could use for my laptop and my clothes. 
I got a great deal online. And I had to give it a personal touch.
I took that picture I painted a few years back and recreated it on the side of the bag.
 It looks a little blobby in the photo, I think its the flash reflecting off of the paint.
It even got the Nellie Kiss of Approval!!

I don't think I will lose this one.
We are participating in Athena's Caturday Art Hop!


Sunday, 3 January 2016

First Selfie of 2016!

Mommy has been busy for work. She will be abandoning me for 3 days when she goes to a client site next week, but in the meantime she has been working and working.
But mes did get her to helps me with a selfie, me was mad so mes refused to opens my eyes!
And me had a great New Years! One of my Minions bringed me a fresh rat and a glass of milk!
Loves and Happy New Year to ALL of yous!!! May this be your best year ever!
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